Our Story

Do you love giving presents but not the leftover heap of screwed up wrapping paper? Would you like to find a way of tearing open the wrapping without destroying it?

That's how we started - wondering how we could keep the exciting sensation of opening a present without creating all the waste.

After a lot of trial and error, sewing and hair-tearing, we have come up with quite a few ideas. Our first product is our beautiful, simple-to-use Fabric Pouch – all the fun of opening a present with none of the waste. See our beautiful fabric pouches.

We have searched for British suppliers and are proud to hand-make all of our products in Derbyshire. Find out more about how we are proud to be British makers.

We are now on a mission to create more beautiful, reusable ways to celebrate. Why not join us on social media or sign up to our Monthly Wrap newsletter to hear about our new ideas, special offers and upcoming fairs.