Beautiful, reusable fabric gift wrapping & pass-the-parcel sets

Four small pouches in different fabrics

Fabric Gift Wrapping

Rips open beautifully, for years

Single flag of Blue Spotty Bunting


Luxury double-sided bunting.

A Reusable Pass the Parcel Set

Pass the Parcel

All the fun, none of the layers of paper

A 3 step image of our British-made reusable wrap being used to wrap a gift

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Rips open beautifully, year after year

A single flag of Silver Snowman Bunting

Christmas Bunting

Luxury double-sided bunting.

Pass the Parcel

All the fun, none of the layers of paper

Beautiful, reusable ways to celebrate

Reusable Celebrations

Do you love to celebrate, but loathe the waste that often comes with it? Then you are in the right place. Welcome to the home of beautiful, reusable celebrations! Whether you are looking for gift wrap, decorations or fun party games, we have something gorgeous just for you.

We have beautiful, lined fabric gift wrapping that will add a really special touch to your gifts. Each gift wrap pouch is fastened with velcro, and opens with a satisfying ripping sound. You’ve found a reusable gift wrap that can be torn open again and again.

Our gorgeous double-sided bunting will really enhance your home or celebration. This luxury bunting is made from either organic cotton or fabrics exclusively designed and printed for us, here in the Midlands.

Our reusable pass the parcel sets are so much fun. Watch your children  excitedly tear them open, knowing you can use them again next year. And you haven’t had to spend ages wrapping layers and layers of paper!