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How to make Christmas 2020 Special

Not sure what Christmas is going to look like this year, but desperately want it to be special?

Here are 7 great (but simple) ideas to make Christmas 2020 special, that you can crack on with today.

1. Send Cards

Yes – actual, physical cards. I don’t know about you, but I’ve sent fewer and fewer over the years. This year, I plan to send more – and send them early.

Putting up cards from friends and family feels so much more special this year because we’ve seen so little of them. And as the nights have really drawn in, lots of people are cheering themselves up by starting to decorate their homes earlier than usual. 

If you fancy the handmade look, but don’t want to create it yourself, then there are lots of gorgeous designs on Etsy. Just like these gorgeous stockings from TheSewnBySarah shop. Small businesses would be very grateful for your custom. 

Or, if you’d like to make some yourself (or encourage your children to), check out all the ideas that 5 Minute Crafts have on Youtube.

2. Send homemade decorations

Even better – why not send your loved ones a Christmas decoration? Maybe one to hang on their tree?

Bonus points if you (or your children!) have made it. You don’t have to be the world’s greatest crafter to do it – and there are plenty of video tutorials to help. Try some salt dough decorations, paper chains or an origami star.

We made this sweet little red hat last year, using wool and a toilet roll – no great skill required! Click on the image for the Youtube tutorial.

3. Decorate your home

There are lots of independent businesses selling really beautiful, handmade Christmas decorations this year.

If you want to add a memory to your tree – what about a special Christmas 2020 decoration – maybe even one with a mask

And it’s not just the tree that you could decorate – how about some gorgeous Christmas bunting? We have sweet Snowmen, gorgeous Snowflakes and cute Reindeer in our shop.

4. Decorate your windows

We’ve seen lots of great window decorating ideas this year – particularly rainbows, pumpkins and poppies. 

Our local community group organised a pumpkin trail (with a map and everything!), which lots of the neighbourhood children enjoyed walking around in daylight, as well as after dark.

So, whilst putting up lights is a normal part of Christmas, this year we’re going to make some decorations that people can see in the daytime too.

Have a look at 70 Awesome Christmas Window Decor Ideas for some inspiration {Image Credit to them}.

5. Find different presents

Find presents in different places. Not only will you be supporting small businesses in this difficult time, but it’s a brilliant way of finding things that your nieces and nephews won’t already have!

For example, look at these beautiful journals, made with recycled cotton and sari fabric, by AmberandRose on Etsy.

But do hurry up – most small businesses will reach capacity soon and you might miss out!

6. Establish some new traditions

Why not establish some new traditions this Christmas?

Instead of wrapping your gifts up in paper, to be torn and thrown away, wrap them in gift wrap that you will come to know and love.

You can look forward to getting your gift wraps out again next year with your Christmas decorations, and reminiscing about the gifts that have been wrapped in them before.⁠

Our range of Christmas gift wrap features gorgeous Snowflakes, Snowmen and Reindeer.

7. Advent calendar of ideas

Why not make a list of something fun to do on each day of advent? It doesn’t have to be onerous, here are a few simple ideas:

Things you were going to do anyway – putting the Christmas tree up, or walking round your local area to admire everyone’s Christmas lights.

Small but fun things – making hot chocolate with marshmallows and watching a Christmas movie together.

Crafting – make some nice neat bunting, like this Merry Christmas paper bunting, or trying some fun, varied projects like those at One Little Project (the image on the right is one).

Baking – making and decorating gingerbread men, or buying a whole gingerbread house kit to assemble one weekend afternoon.

Lets make Christmas 2020 special, in it’s own unique way!

With our lovely, reusable Christmas gift wrap, you can have beautiful presents under the tree, without any of the waste. 

Watch them be excitedly torn open, then store them with your Christmas decorations ready for next year. That way, your wrapping becomes part of your Christmas memories, along with your decorations.