• Bunting

    Bunting (5)

    Our fabric bunting is carefully handmade in Derbyshire. We use a range of fabrics, many of which have been exclusively designed for us. You won't find these spotty, pink butterfly or floral designs anywhere else! We also have some gorgeous Christmas Bunting - check out our Snowmen, Snowflakes and cute little Reindeer!
  • Christmas Bunting

    Christmas Bunting (3)

    Are you looking for sustainable Christmas decorations? Then why not decorate your home with some gorgeous, handmade Christmas bunting this year. We hand-make all our double-sided bunting here in Derbyshire, with high quality cotton that will look great for years to come. So you can look forward to your bunting becoming part of your Christmas traditions.
  • Christmas Wrapping Paper

    Christmas Wrapping Paper (5)

    Our luxury Christmas wrapping paper range has been carefully handmade to a very high standard, using gorgeous cotton fabrics that have been exclusively designed and made for us. Create beautifully wrapped gifts easily, without any wrapping skills. The  recipient can then tear your gift open without ruining it. So, instead of throwing the wrapping away, it can be used over…
  • Reusable Gift Wrap (8)

    Looking for environmentally-friendly gift wrap? Our range of reusable fabric wrap can be used for birthdays and celebrations for years to come.  It requires no skill whatsoever to wrap gifts beautifully, and then tears open with a satisfying ripping sound. We also have a separate page with all our Christmas Gift Wrap designs on, so do check out our gorgeous…
  • Reusable Pass the Parcel

    Reusable Pass the Parcel (9)

    Looking for pass-the-parcel ideas? Have a look at our range of reusable pass-the-parcel games.  All the fun of tearing each layer open for the children (it's fastened with velcro). But none of the hassle of wrapping layers of paper for you. Nor the guilt of seeing all the paper screwed up on the floor afterwards. Our pass-the-parcels have been used…