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This charming, Green Spotty pass-the-parcel is ideal for children’s parties. It has 10 layers, alternating between the Green Spotty and a plain Blue fabric. Each pouch is sealed with velcro, giving an exciting tearing sensation for each child. There is enough room between the layers to pop in stickers or sweets if you wish. The smallest pouch contains a ‘Winner!’ token for the child to claim their prize, which means that the ultimate prize can be of any size.

These children’s pass-the-parcel sets are very durable and will be excitedly torn open for many years to come. Have a look at what other people have had to say about them – Kind Words.

All our fabric products are carefully handmade in our garden studio at home in Derbyshire. We also make pass-the-parcel sets in other fabrics, including a blue spotty one.

Pass the Parcel with a difference

Our charming green spotted fabric has an olive-green background with blue, white and silver painted-look spots. It was designed and printed here in the Midlands, exclusively for us.

Check out the bunting and reusable gift wrap that we’ve also made in this fabric – Green Spotty Bunting and Green Spotty Gift Wrap.


This fun children’s pass-the-parcel consists of 10 differently sized pouches. The smallest is 9cm x 11cm, and the largest is 28.5cm x 26.5cm.

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