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These beautiful red fabric flowers really add a finishing touch to your gift wrap. Each one has a loop on the reverse, which slides over the strap of the wrap. Any size of fabric flower will fit on any of size of wrap.

These beautiful fabric flowers are handmade and have a frayed-edge style. They are sold individually.

Take a look at our matching gift tags as well – they have all been designed and printed locally onto recycled card.


Each fabric flower accessory is charmingly individual, and will look slightly different to it’s brothers and sisters. However, they are two divided into two different sizes: Small and Large . The Small flower is approximately 5-6cm in diameter.  The Large flower is approximately 7-8cm in diameter.

When you select Small or Large above, the image will show you what each sized red fabric flower looks like on one of our Medium gift wraps. These are our Navy Snowflake Medium gift wraps. Click on ‘Choose an Option’ to see the two flowers side by side.

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